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Phase #03: Metabolic Influence of Ayahuasca & Narcan upon Opioid, Diazepam & Amphetamine Saturation

Updated: Feb 25, 2023

The following blogpost is to be read in accordance with & provide additional information relating to "Phase Three" of Universal Asylums Metabolic Implications of "Psychedelics / Forbidden Fruit" upon DRUG Saturation - Planning Document

As in all previous phases of this set of experiments an IV catheter attached to a 300mm extension & tap were rigged up prior to the commencement of the experiment.

The order of draw was revised & updated to include the following three groups, filled from left to right via three seperate syringes.

For each set of blood samples (where possible) 2 x 30ml syringes & 1 x 10ml syringes were collected & transferred into BD Vacutainers with 30ml from light blue through to transparent purple, then 30ml red black ring - grey white ring & 10ml for the remaining large purple.

Based on informal advice received during personal communications with a Doctor I considered sharing rides to the Entheogenisis Australis Garden States with - I was advised to "be kind to blood". Therefore I used 20 gauge IV Catheters & 19 gauge needles to transfer blood into BD Vacutainers prior to gently mixing additives prior to sitting at room temperature awaiting centrifusion.

Once blood levels of suboxone had reached their standard plateau specified earlier in documents related to this experiment I took 4 lots of samples at hourly intervals on the 16th November 2022 in double checking the sampling method & providing a set of baseline samples from which it will be possible to draw data at a later date in comparative scientific analysis of blood plasma.

The Ayahausca used in "Phase Three" of this experiment included the remaining 700ml from Universal Asylums original Ayahausca Assisted Rapid Opioid Detoxification Treatment Model mixed with 100ml of Ayahausca made from Psychotria Viridis & Banisteriopsis Caapi & an additional 200ml 73g dried Acacia Courtii, 7g dried Salvia Divinorum & 5g Syrian Rue.

To maximise the chance of the Ayahuasca metabolising as much of the Suboxone as possible in spite of its long half life & limited supply of Naloxone - it was considered preferable to balance the administration of Naloxone between relatively high doses & maximisation of regular intervals.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated the dose which resulted in a couple of primary issues. Firstly the strength of the overlap of the two doses rendered me too incapacitated to take additional samples & run the Centrifuge throughout the middle of the experiment limiting sample collection.

Another problem that was anticipated during the planning of the experiment came as a result of the long half life of Suboxone & attempting to keep the dose of Ayahuasca low enough to function enough to draw blood, run the centrifuge, & accurately store & document sample collection. This resulted in me experiencing enough ongoing withdrawal symptoms after the initial treatment that I repeated it on the 24th in another attempt to clear my system. Nevertheless, as with the original treatment using Ayahuasca the administration of Naloxone did not precipitate any symptoms typically associated with opioid withdrawal whilst the Ayahuasca remained active. Although I was unable to clear my system the fact that it was not possible to precipitate any sign of opioid withdrawal throughout the active stages of treatment is of great enough medical significance to warrant thorough scientific analysis of samples which are anticipated to offer potential markers to metabolic processes well beyond my professional scope. Obviously this will require significant public support & guidance of scientists specialising in this area of neuroscience.

There are two obvious considerations in relation to the Ayahuasca Assisted Rapid Opioid Treatment Model. Firstly the need for medical support to facilitate more adequate therapeutic doses of Ayahuasca & administration of Naloxone, etc, However in addition to this in the formulation of a detoxification treatment model it would obviously be advantageous to transfer over to a shorter acting opioid.

Throughout the "Three Phases" of this experimental research project at least 500 blood samples have been collected & stored with consistency between individual phases, with any deviation from this recorded via various modes of documentation. Of these, with the exception of the initial attempt at "Phase One" which was subsiquentially repeated - over 400 blood plasma samples have been spun via centrifuge prior to freezing.

Between the "Three (Four) Phases" of the set of experiments a total of 79 urine samples were collected with numerous additional baseline samples as labeled.

All blood plasma, urine, stool & Saliva samples are stored below minus 20° Celcius.

At this stage I am unsure of how to go about attaining appropriate public support to ensure such samples subject to thorough scientific analysis. Although, I have 100% faith in my working relationship with "the plants" & processes I've undertaken - within the social context I'm working such unauthorised medical experiments have the potential to earn me anything between a Nobel Prize & "25 to Life"!!!

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