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Reclaiming Power by Standing up to Latino Grooves & other Unethical CUNTS!!!

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Following on from Early Unsanctioned Experimental Research into the Therapeutic Value of Entheogenic Substances. A young lady recently said something along the lines of: "It's all good & well to be a monk & sit in a cave & pray for world peace. But if you actually want world peace you've gotta get off your arse & fucken fight for it!!!"

Ok, so where were we?

That's right - "The mushrooms told" me or did they just remove the parameters of ego & social constructed values systems enough me to come to my own conclusion...

"You'll never heal. Unless, you stand up for your fucken self!!!

However, it's far more complicated than that as the process of unpacking my trauma in the years leading up to that involved EMDR & countless hours with my Psychologist & even more munted as fuck with Belinda Gilbert who played enormous roles helping me unpack peaces of the puzzle & confusion from literally years of severe gaslighting. Narcissistic abuse fully outlined in the Universal Asylum youtube video: Standing up to Latino Grooves for PSYCHOPATHIC ABUSE & DANGEROUS response to such allegations! However, the process of unpacking the denial leading up to my attempts at standing up for myself was an extremely complicated, messy & ongoing experience.

Now to make things clear I'm starting with the COWARD Coconut CUNT Hugo Salcedo from Latino Grooves Dance Studio who has spent over 15 years standing over countless members of Adelaides Latin Dance community. Hugo, recently once again proven what a piece of shit he is by deliberately moving the Latino Groves event forward to the same date that Natalie Stansfield of La Bomba - Latin dance classes, events & entertainment has spent months advertising for MIXAEL CABRERA international Cuban artist - Live at The Gov

Having started my journey as a dancer at Latino Grooves Dance Studio in 2005 prior to the studio's first birthday - I have witnessed Hugo Salcedo segregate Adelaides Latin Dance Community by deliberately running events over the top of anyone else's more purely motivated attempts to positively contribute to the recreational arts community of Latin Dance.

As reflected by his dangerously unethical response to allegation of abuse perpetrated by his staff Hugo is a professional victim who initially blamed Natalie Stansfield for everything, then Sam Olah & Sarantos Zaloumis throughout the Latin Dance Nation era & anyone else who stands in his way. Over this time Hugo Salcedo has attempted to & in most cases succeeded in BULLYING anyone who has arranged to host Dance events at the Arkaba Hotel into canceling their reservations. I have heard this exact same story from at least three completely independent sources with the same experience with Hugo years apart, one of whom claimed the Arkaba Hotel is aware of Hugo Salcedo's "professional" misconduct. When I publicly raised the issue of them knowingly continuing to host Hugo's events despite despite such behaviour in the Arkaba's Facebook reviews section they proved themselves by BLOCKING me!!!

Photo: (left to right) Flying monkey, Rosie Bourne & Julia Gonzales.

The narcissistic cunt Julia Gonzales was just as involved in the bullying I experienced at the hands of her staff & "Hugo's" response to my following review on Latino Grooves. She belongs beside Rosie in a jail cell for public safety!!

There were many factors that contributed to the years it took me to finally stand up to Latino Grooves & the messiness of my attempts to do so.

Firstly, born & raised in the land of "no comments" I sure as hell ain't no "Dog" (a label I'm sure most are aware has the potential to get someone killed). As much as I do my best to practice rigorous honesty & other "spiritual principles" this becomes extremely challenging in a world full of fake manipulative cunts. & partly out of ego I continued to attend their events for many years out of spite & not wanting to let them win & drive me away from a recreational art form & associated community I'd been in love with for now almost half my life. However, eventually after former Latino Grooves staff member Samuel Nicholas deliberately admitted to his involvement in the 2011 abuse to my face before turning around & denying it publicly as a way of further emotionally abusing me in 2017 - I ceased attending their weekly event at Cassa Blah Blah as a means of protecting my mental health.

Admittedly I was initially hesitant in my reviews due to a combination of fear of violence whilst just wanting some form of peaceful resolution (a contributing factor leaving me vulnerable to abuse), denial of evidence confirming Hugo's knowledge & level of involvement in the abuse.

I did initially post a review & then meet with Hugo after he made a manipulative & threatening phonemail. I actually wish I recorded our meeting particularly due to him admitting involvement in "criminal gangs" which I did kind of take as a passive aggressive threat. I then removed the post & made a pissy little public statement hoping to inspire a little bit of ownership & accountability from Hugo. Then upon meeting with my psychologist & discussing the interactions was informed that I was being manipulated in the same patterns that I had developed throughout & as a response to such severe gaslighting.

There was also the fact that it was like I was trapped in some kind of fantasy land hoping Hugo would be shocked to "learn" of Rosies abuse & apologise for the conduct of his staff. Unfortunately, my psychologist was right that I am dealing with an extremely dangerous narcissist who will never admit he's wrong regardless of how blatantly he proves he's a COWARDICE piece of shit with no morals. Hugo did exactly this when rather than responding to my public review in a transparent manner that addresses the specific issues he posted a blatantly dishonest public statement to his 17,000 followers playing the victim by claiming I'm "crazy" & "became obsessed" with Rosie before BLOCKING me from responding to his blatantly dishonest & easily refutable allegations.

What Hugo the DUMB CUNT didn't realise is that I deliberately put him in a position where he had enough information that if he really wasn't aware of or involved in Rosie's psychopathic plan to destroy my life after I rejected the fugally slag he would have been able to genuinely plead ignorance & show some compassion & integrity in wiping his hands clean of lying little slag who abused her position as an employee of his business to harm a member of the dance community who rejected her & apologise for such gross misconduct. However, whilst Hugo was stupid enough to think he was standing for Rosie Bourne he was actually dogging her in to me as the information displayed in the screen-shots of his response to the following review - is the first solid evidence I have of what Rosie was telling others as she gaslighted me.

Some of the denial Belinda, the mushrooms & EMDR helped me figure out are things like that fact that the two years I was fucking Rosie she wasn't allowed to attend other companies events due to latino grooves Policy. However, at the same time Hugo Salcedo claim I became obsessed with the dog Latino Grooves staff including Hugo Salcedo himself started regularly attending Salsa Connections weekly event at Tappas Bar on Hindly st where they proceeded to torment & abuse me. Something Hugo Salcedo is too much of a COWARD to provide a public response to.

Belinda also enlightened me to the fact that Rosie would have had to have applied to go on the reality TV show "Marry my Son" months before setting me up.

Now what Hugo Salcedo doesn't know is that by confronting him publicly I essentially created the equivalent of a 360 review, where everyone gets to prove whether they have integrity or are peaces of shit.

Aside from the severity of the abuse I experienced I don't need a fucken Social Work degree to know that Hugo Salcedo blatantly lying to over 17,000 people & blocking the person in question from responding has the potential to cause SUICIDE!!!!

Review on Latino Grooves FB page around August 2017:


The bullying I experienced via Latino Grooves has the potential to COST LIVES...

After years suffering PTSD & Complicated Grief Syndrome due to Gaslighting & more direct Psychological abuse from Latino Grooves staff throughout the greatest crises of my life - I have come to conclusion I have a moral obligation as a Social Worker to ensure the community is aware of my experience with Latino Grooves..

I also believe that standing up for myself will assist in healing processes.

Identifing with various disabilities my passion for dance started with Latino Grooves in 2005, as an extremly significant component of overcomming severe anxiety disorders which soon grew into a healthy life passion with many amazing social opportunities.

Although my first 6 years on the Latin scene were an extremly positive experience - I am yet to overcome the damage sustained through being tormented & abused until the closest people in my life were dead & having those deaths used as weapons against me by Latino Grooves staff at Latino Grooves events.

Although severely Gaslighted by several members of Latino Grooves former & present staff including Samuel Nickelous & Sam Staker, the most sever abuse was perpetrated by Rosie Bourn, who directly after the deaths of my father, an ex girl friend & closest friend within a several month period - screamed at me "your father dying's the best thing that happened to you" at a Latino Grooves social event which I'd attended regularly for years prior in dancing off the best & worst of days.

Both Hugo & Julia have been well aware of my experience with their studio for years & not once enquired about my welfare - rather have joind in on the bullying by proceeding to give me sinde looks & laughing at the pain their studio has inflicted upon me. In fact shortly afyer the bullying I experience via her staff, Julia posted a meme stating "Kill grimness with laughter. Create an atmosphere of informally. Encourage exuberance. Get rid of sad dogs who spread gloom", which I screenshotted coincidentally within an hour of being unfriended after 5years of Facebook "friendship" - A clear indication Julia played a significant role in the bullying I experienced via her dance school.

Despite missing many great people on the Latin scene & I no longer feel safe at Latino Grooves events + the joy is gone as it agrivates my PTSD...

I will not allow myself to be bullied into removing this review & intend upon releasing or series of live feeds outlining in full detail the cruel & cowardly bullying I experienced via Latino Grooves, & the severe impact this has had upon my life...

Latino Grooves staff & management not only breached their duty of care to me as a consumer of their products but worse abused their priveledged position of power within the Latin Dance & broader community.

I agreed to meet with Hugo after being manipulated into removing my first attempt at a review several weeks ago - Pressured on the grounds "nothing would happen" if I removed my review, guilt tripped with "what have I ever done to you" & further manipulated suggesting it looks bad for me to be complaining about the actions of "a girl".

During this meeting rather than taking responsibility for the misconduct of the staff & managment of Latino Grooves, & looking at ways they could assist me in overcoming the sever damage this has caused, Hugo advised me to move forward & leave it all behind us. After describing a particular instance of bullying he responed in a manner consistant with insighting violence towards one of his present employees. This is not an isolated incident & I am the seccond person that I am of aware of this year to whom Latino Grooves has reccomemded violence as solution to conflict within the Adelaide Latin Community.

Fortunatly, although severly traumatised, I am not a violent man, rather a Social Worker who stands against violence & injustice.

It's taken a lot for me to come to this point. After a number of recent attemps in raising such serious complaints, the nature of the minimal responses (& lack of responses) recieved via pushing forward & easing back on several occasions - I'm am now satisfied that Latino Grooves not only understand the situation in it's full context, but continue to blatently avoid aknowledgment of my complaint, have failed to express any intention of looking into the matter or making any attemps to adress the damage I've sustained.

I recently recieved professional advice that upon submitting a comprehensive review of my experience that it was in the interests of my safety to avoid any form of contact with Latino Grooves..

After 4 days I pulled back to allow Latino Grooves a final oppertunity show some integrity around my complaints. However, I'm yet to recieve any sign of remorse or compassion for the severe damage the bullying has done to my life & the only public aknowledgment I've recieved merely pretended to be confused as if they are completely unaware of the bullying I experienced, before claiming to be "happy to move on & leave it all behind us" as if I'm out of line for complaining about my traumatic experience.

After backing down several times - if I'm honest with myself, I know from years of experience that these are extremely dangerous manipulative people, who cannot be trusted & are completely viod of any sense of morality.

A great deal could be said about Latino Grooves' lack of integrity & buisness ethic as a dance school. Although, I've avoided the politics over the years - I've witnessed everything from their blatent attempts to run a monopoly over the whole industry & drive smaller schools into the ground, deliberately teaching poor technique & slowing peoples learning to maximise profits, changing scores in competitions to grant their teachers entry into national competitions & much more. Sadly their ruthless buisness tactics have played a major role in drastically reducing the standard of dance in Adelaide over the past decade...

However, as the greatest cause for concern is an issue of public saftey - I'll stick to that!

After finalizing my reviews Latino Grooves then removed the review section on their Facebook page!!!

Please see my live feeds for a full account of my experience with this dangerous dance company..."

The original I also includes in the comments a bunch of rough live feeds attempting to outline the abuse I experienced.

Rather than responding directly to my review of my experience with Latino Grooves, Hugo Salcedo & Julia Gonzales choose to post the following blatantly dishonest public statement to their 17,000+ followers, originally tagging me before BLOCKING me after only having the chance to provide two comments to their easily refutable lies. The manner by which they did so demonstrates the tactic of narcissistic abuse know as 'triangulation" by which they stonewall their victim whilst divert others back to them where there are more easily manipulated behind closed doors where their victims are less readily able to refute the narcissists lies!!!

A blatant lie to be elaborated below. The bold text of my name demonstrates where I was originally tagged before being blocked from responding.

Hugo blatantly lies adding an additional 2-3 years to every statement he makes to make things seem older than they are when in fact at the time of the review the last bullying I'd experienced at his events was within 12mths after years of abuse...

This a great piece of projection from Hugo Salcedo where he basically admits that when you don't like someone & you're in his position - you simply bully them away from the recreational arts community they love so much they spent 2years of their life studying full-time well before that fugally CUNT Rosie Bourne ever showed her face within the dance community.

I still laugh over the thought of Hugo Salcedo going into the police station & trying to convince them that Mark Parkers making up story's about poor victim Hugo. Pretty sure the police have a couple of hours video footage confirming - I ain't no fucken Dog!!!!

Here Hugo pretends like he's a great caring guy as if Adelaide's entire Latin Dance community hasn't watched him stand over anyone who gets in his way in painting his Dominance of the industry.... "Today it may be us but tomorrow it will be others and we don't want this to happen to anyone else"? Considering I spent 4years of university studying a profession centred around fighting for Human Rights & Social Justice, it doesn't take a clairvoyant to predict I'm likely to stand up to other unethical scum like him. However, this statement will become of greater significance in regards to interactions between Hugo & James Kilpatrick & my increasingly intolerable experience with $outhern $al$a around the time I began standing up against Latino Grooves.

Like I have said no-one needs a Social Work degree to work out that Hugo Salcedo is a DANGEROUS bully & that this type of response has the potential to drive someone to suicide.

I believe I have screenshot of the comments on Hugo's post somewhere which I may add at some stage should I stumble across them. However, after enormous effort working towards standing up to Latino Grooves a clairvoyant told me that whilst I was to continue to stand up against them it's not something to take seriously which I felt was good advice & was part of the reason I ceased work on Universal Asylum youtube videos:Standing up to Latino Grooves for PSYCHOPATHIC ABUSE & DANGEROUS response to such allegations! + Circumstance surrounding Covid19 would drastically alter my priorities.


$outhern $al$a


Before proceeding I feel inclined to point out that in South Australia the DANCE INDUSTY is COMPLETELY UNREGULATED to the point that there is NOTHING PREVENTING someone as UNETHICAL as James Kilpatrick who has been BARRED from practicing as a SCHOOL TEACHER & CANNOT pass a POLICE CLEARANCE from running a dance company. Without meaning to speculate - There are basically only TWO reasons someone gets barred from being a school teacher!!!!

Whilst no one will ever know for sure why Andrew jumped to his death from the Myer Centre - I will never forget the smug look on James Kilpatrick's face as he bullied Andrew the last time he attended $outhern $al$a. I cannot recall what he said to Andrew, just the way he looked at me directly after as if he was cool - I didn't say a word rather crossed my arms & kinda shook my head whilst glaring through him with a look of disgusted disapproval assertively enough for him to shrink back into himself & consider what a cunt he was.

Without saying any names...

Still no names...

No names again...

& again...

Nup, no names!

Once again, no names... Except of course - Fuck you James!!!

Although I'll never know for sure based on the level of interaction I know was going on between Hugo Salcedo & James Kilpatrick I wouldn't be surprised if they decided it was a good idea to deliberately bully Belinda Gilbert knowing that after attempting to pull James up enough times face to face that I would eventually stand up for the woman who'd stood by me through think & thin & post critical review on $outhern $al$a too. I might be reading into things but it does seem a little bit of a coincidence that Hugo Salcedo's blatantly dishonesty post that I was blocked from refuting he states - "Today it may be us but tomorrow it will be others and we don't want this to happen to anyone else". See by James deliberately bullying Belinda until I review $outhern $al$sa - Hugo & James could both say see he's done it again!!!

Interestingly after my review $outhern $al$sa - I was banned from Cosmos Club because Tony claimed two of his DJ's had restraining orders against me. NOONE has restraining orders against me & further excluding me from a recreational arts community I've been a part & have love since 2005 is psychopathically unethical form of social & emotional ABUSE.


As we have had significant conflict that cannot be erased & MUTATI appears to have made what feel feel is acceptable amends in reaching a mutual resolution I feel acknowledging the situation & using it as a fine example of conflict resolution & integrity is the most appropriate course of action.

There was an instance just before my motorcycle accident where I had ordered an online ticket for one of MUTATI's dance events at Cosmos Club only to arrive & have money shoved in my hand & being told they were sold out before they proceeded to accept cash at the door from people without tickets. In doing so MUTATI broke legal contract & the social exclusion caused me extreme emotional distress. Of course, as Hugo was DJ that night & James Kilpatrick was there I expect that MUTATI was under social pressure to act unethically. This does not make it right & his avoidance of responding to my distress over the situation was pretty fucken far from right too.

However, recently at plant 4 MUTATI put out his hand. As he seemed genuine I reluctantly took his hand & placed my other hand on his shoulder & informed him that if he wishes us to be on amicable terms that I would require him to resolve things so I could attend events at certain venues such as the Cosmos Club. Although I am yet to test the fact when I saw MUTATI again at a birthday of a mutual friend he acknowledged me from across the room to which I had mixed feelings about but gave him a slight nod of acknowledgement. We later crossed rather & he claimed to have sorted things out to which I clarified specific venues namely Cosmos Club. A little while later we had un unrelated conversation that's not really anyones business but for the purpose of this statement of peace I don't think it's do any harm to say it was mainly lighter or finer aspects of one another varied experience with various styles of the art of dance.

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