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  • Mark Parker

Tribute to Eli Angel

On the morning of Sunday the 13th of March 2022 at around 14mths of age, Eli Angel peacefully passed in the arms of his loving mother Carlie, as she lay within the arms of her loving husband & Eli's loving father Brad.

Being privileged as a member of a private support group for Eli & the Angels, I do not wish to unintentionally disclose any sensitive information they may wish to be kept within the confines of that loving circle. However, words cannot describe witnessing the tremendous spirit with which Carlie & Brad have consistently maintained throughout their battles in proving loving care & as much happiness & joy as possible for Eli throughout his brief & often painful experience with this magical yet often cruel world. Carlie's articulation of her experience negotiating & processing the complexities of the Angels life & death circumstances have demonstrated extreme strength, courage & deep personal insight that Carlie's own words could only ever do justice & have undoubtedly struck many a chord deep within the hearts of all of those within Eli's extensive support network.

Having offered my full support in the only way that I knew how by advocating as the sole representative of Universal Asylum for Carlie & Brad Angels' parental rights to explore an alternative Emergency Treatment for Eli Angel's Lissencephaly - it is with my deepest regret that I was unable to achieve any kind of constructive results likely to have been of benefit to Eli within his lifetime & I am disappointed with myself for not having done a better job. In spite of my efforts, however rough & unconventional - I find myself enraged at a system of governance that ignores medical science to the detriment of families like the Angels, for the financial gain of pharmaceutical industries & literally labels a white man "crazy" & locks him in psychiatric hospital for as loudly & clearly as possible asserting that: All "ancient civilisations & indigenous cultures" were right about the immense holistic therapeutic value of various "sacred" substances that remain forbidden in western culture despite contemporary medical science strongly indicating that they are highly likely to have provided great therapeutic value to Eli in eleviating the symptoms of such a debilitating condition & potentially even have had the power to have saved his precious little life.

In expressing my deepest condolences to Carlie & Brad, amongst the magic & joy, & as a father myself - I cannot imagine the pain they've experienced & hope that now Eli's battle is over that he may now rest in peace. Although I only met the chubby little chap twice Eli, Carlie & Brad, & many of those within their support network have touched my heart in ways that will last a lifetime & although I am sure this will also ring true to countless others - I hope that Carlie & Brad are able to find peace as they come to some kind of terms with the grief & loss associated with such a tragic yet in other ways beautiful & all too short experience with life.

Currently as the sole representative of Universal Asylum, I offer Eli Angel this Acacia tribute from "the tree of life" as his blessed little spirit passes though to his next stage of being. With love & deep sorrow, Mark Parker. Xo.

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