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Emergency Treatment for Eli Angel.

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Universal Asylum advocates on behalf of Carlie, Brad & Eli Angel for Governments to fast-track approval of emergency authorities to explore N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) as a viable treatment option for his Lissencephaly.

Eli Angel was born with Lissencephaly a developmental condition commonly known as "Smooth Brain" where the brain hasn't developed it's normal folds. Based on western medical understandings Eli's prognosis is basically considered terminal with many suffers failing to live past 10years. As there is no (known) cure of Lissencephaly, for Eli, Carlie & Brad it is a daily fight for life caring for his 24hr needs & providing symptomatic treatment where possible as he endures increasing seizures.

Based on Universal Asylums unsanctioned research into the therapeutic value of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. & the medical science supporting such hypothesis - DMT is not only Eli's best chance of survival in terms of facilitating powerful neuro-regenerative actions but also in respect to alleviating the life threatening seizures he experiences via it's role in the regulation of inflammatory systems. Based on the overwhelmingly powerful generalised nature of the auto immune responses facilitated by the administration of DMT, the substance not only offers potential value symptomatically but also in assisting Eli's neauro-development in ways that may potentially facilitate the cessation of certain symptoms. Although it is impossible to anticipate to what extent that this may be so, based on the nature of Eli's condition & available scientific evidence - further exploration into the therapeutic value of DMT against conditions such as Lissencephaly is arguably the most appropriate course of action & should take place as a matter of urgency.

However, unfortunately whilst Brad & Carlie should arguably remain the ultimate authority over available treatments for Eli's Lissencephaly - bureaucracy currently prevents medical professionals from considering DMT either in a traditional form such as Ayahuasca or as a pure substance administered via an intravenous drip line as a treatment option.

Universal Asylum has previously made several desperate attempts to bring it's unsanctioned research to the attention of Governments in seeking appropriate authorities to assemble a multidisciplinary team aimed at clinical exploration of the therapeutic value of DMT as an emergency treatment option against a number of conditions. Firstly, in 2020 in terms of it's anti-viral actions against covid-19 (See Viable Covid-19 Treatment, 2020 & attached blog post Nature of Prospective Covid19 Treatment) & then again more recently for cases such as Eli Angel & Deklan Babington-MacDonald as a last resort before his life-support was switched off. Regretfully & with deepest sympathies to Deklan's family, such admittedly frantic attempts have proven futile. However, here are the links for anyone interested

I have also more recently included the video Lobbying Gov's for authorities to consider DMT as a treatment for Eli's Lissencephaly. to place a little more context surrounding the Angels circumstances & Universal Asylums fight for authorities for DMT to be considered as a treatment option.

There are huge conversations to be had surrounding the subject. However at this stage Universal Asylum is challenging Governments for rights & authorities to establish multidisciplinary teams in continuing it's research into exploring the holistic therapeutic value substances such as DMT & particularly in ensuring their availability for emergency situations such as Eli's.

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