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Religion R18+

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

[The following blogpost is one of a series of subjects originally published mid 2021 under the website section:

Based on contemporary psychological understandings of childhood development & sociological critical analysis of Religion’s role as an oppressive institution of social control - Universal Asylum advocates for every child’s right to “Freedom from Religion” throughout their most vulnerable stages of childhood development.

This is to say that Religion aught to be - restricted to R18+, prohibited from any involvement in education & classified as a psychologically damaging form of abuse enforceable under child protection legislation.

This subject extends well beyond religions reliance on imposing fear, guilt & shame upon children throughout the most vulnerable stages of their psychological development in the indoctrination of unnatural & unrealistic patriarchal value systems, through to the complex ways in which such value systems contribute to a diverse range of prejudice, abuse, domestic violence & broader social issues.

As a Social Worker, if I were employed to undertake a child protection assessment & learned the parents were repeatedly threatening to set their children on fire for something as natural as masturbation or being same sex attracted - I would arguably have a duty of care to remove the children & place them into state custody to protect their psychological health & wellbeing, & physical safety. However, based on the outdated concept of "freedom of religion" it is somehow still socially acceptable & politically correct to allow Religious Institutions & individuals retarded by Religion the freedom to impose concepts such as "Heaven & Hell", "Fire & Brimstone" & other forms of guilt, shame & emotional manipulation upon innocent children throughout the most vulnerable stages of their development in the indoctrination of patriarchal norms associated with gender assignment & undermining children's right to self-determination of their personal preferences in sexuality.

Religious concepts & value systems surrounding monogamous family structures to serve labour based societies & the institution of marriage as the ownership of another human being are extremely problematic & contribute to a broad range of complex social issues.

In addition to it's countless insidiously dangerous concepts Religions "Forbidden Fruit" is arguably one of its greatest crimes against humanity, which can be considered the earliest evidence of prohibiting sacred food sources that fuel consciousness & enable individuals to connect with themselves & spiritual realms, in order to retard populations throughout the indoctrination of value systems associated with the corrupt hierarchical social structures of dominant cultures throughout the "advancement" of "civilisation" & along side millenniums of psychopathically racist attempts to vilify & destroy all evidence of indigenous cultures & others associated with such spiritual practices. Although Universal Asylum provides strong evidence that the various forms of "Forbidden Fruit" known to be sacred across countless indigenous cultures & ancient civilisations are in fact a source of nutrition specific to the central nervous system that provides holistic therapeutic value powerful enough to explain their sacred status, Religions "Forbidden Fruit" is also the earliest evidence of the "War on Drugs".

Nevertheless, in the mean time there is more than enough evidence that contemporary society desperately needs to put a leash on Religion & explore alternate means of raising future generations with far healthier & openminded value systems capable of facilitating diversity in characteristics regardless of anatomical sex, sexuality & relationship structures, etc.

In advocating for every child's right to "Freedom FROM Religion" Universal Asylum advises Governments that their failure to protect children from such insidiously unethical & outright dangerous patriarchal institutions of social control despite Universities full of documented Psychological & Sociological understandings of Religion's reliance upon the indoctrination of children throughout the most vulnerable stages of their psychological development raises further counts of Aggravated Criminal Negligence.

In addition to restricting Religion to R18+ Universal Asylum also advocates on behalf of the general population for all Religious institutions to be thoroughly investigated for the criminal organisations they are & all teaching reviewed in the interests of not only age appropriateness but in terms of the dangerous value systems & belief structures they perpetuate.

Here is one assignment I wrote during my Social Work degree in relation to religion & child abuse: Child Centred Practice A#01 - Catholicism's Inability to Adhere Principles of Child Centred Practice

For more information check out Universal Asylums churchy chat on Youtube:

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