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Hierarchy to Heterarchy - Facilitating the Transition to an Anti-Oppressive system of Governance.

Updated: Jun 27

From the time of its publication Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface. was previously linked the title Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance on Universal Asylums website home page until the publication of this update. Prior to which the concept was presented under the series to comical sections under Considerations Surrounding Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System Of Goverance attached to hours of YouTube videos made and released under pressure of advocating for Emergency Treatment for Eli Angel who has since tragically passed.

Universal Asylums Leaderless System of Governance is an anti-oppressive predominately automated yet otherwise heterarchical system of governance designed to overarch and inform comprehensive reform of existing outdated oppressive hierarchical systems of governance in addressing the complex issues currently faced by contemporary society, throughout the establishment of a system capable of efficiently adapting to equitably serve the evolving complex collective needs of a progressive futuristic society.

Such social issues and inspiration for this are covered in WTF's a Social Worker - A Brief Introduction.

Hierarchy is naturelly occuring phenomenon with complex pros and cons which get increasing problemating in larger numbers particularly when the wrong people get into the wrong positions of power for the wrong reasons which can have all kinds of consiquesnces for others (1). This is particularly relevant to the hierarchical nature of dominant oppressive systems of governance.

But who's really in control, of what, and to what level of benefit or liability to individual members, groups, nations and our entire species as a collective on a global scale?

Governments? Religions? Corporate giants?

(Apologies for such basic visual representations which do virtaully no justice to what I'm trying to express. The are the best I can do with free software on a barely functioning compter. With the right IT and a little guidence it wouldn't take much to start really mapping out the complexities of the systen and it's planned evolution throughout time)

As things currenly stand globally we a have 8billion people across a bunch of countries the most dominant of which are all applying modern technology to military systems preparing for WWIII. As things stand 1st world countries generally have aging populations anticipated to exceed the capacities of their health systems within the next decade or so leaving their people vulnerable to their governments and their countries vulnerable to international conflict. This isn't ideal considering the threat of dictatorship so called "communist" counteries clearly out for global dominance. Then there's ongoing conflict over resources surrounded by so much deception it becomes difficult to know who is the "victim" or "aggressor", and in many cases has been going on so long that those directly involved possibly don't even know. Western sociaty is guilty of both exploitation of other counteries and enabling some of greatest threats to expand as we benifit from their unethical treatment of their people and the environment. In Australia "receiving stolen goods" is a criminal offence to descourge theft which is hypocritical given our relience on the importation products (in)directly associated with international conflict over resources and/or otherwise unethically produced and/or sourced via any combination of slave labour and/or ecologically destructive industrial standards. On a global scale this creates such a complex mess it's difficult to even know where to start without even considering the complexities of religion and culture.

According to the Parlimentary Education Office (2) the along with most systems of Governance across the globe Austraila's parliament is fundimentally based upon ancient Greece and Rome around 500BCE which both demonstrating power imbalance from the start. Universal Asylum's founding publication N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. provides clear evidence of the most historically significant and ongoing cases of institutional corruption between governments, churches and in more recent history the pharmaceutical industry. Ironically whilst the "forbidden fruit" played a fundimental role in retarding populations for the advancement of dominant culture - it is now invaluable to preventing the collapse of contemporary society.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to prevent that given the most obvious simple solution to ecological sustainabliity is genocide the majority of the global population. Which our current system currently allows people to obtain dangerous positions of power from which with modern technology it is possible to commit such frightening atrocities.

However, technological advancments also create the oppertunity to establish a leaderless system preventing people from ever being able to attain such dangerous levels of power.

According to Google the Technology and Information Technology industries are the dominant ahead of pharmaceuticals. As things currently stand such rapid technological advancements under control of the leaders of outdated social structures is extremely dangerous in terms of the potential for unethical use against their own populations and global conflict. Whilst AI is slowly creeping into governments Universal Asylum claims copyright over the concept of the use of AI in establishing its One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface which it can prove its earliest original intelectual property back to 2010 when it created the "dynamic ecomap" which added the dimention of time to the previously static concept of an eco-map as a component of computer software for an imaginary Human Service Organisation as part of an assignement submitted to the University of South Australia during my Bachelor of Social Work.

However, I initially overlooked the fact that refined and refined on a larger scale this basic concept solved the problem of an anti-oppressive social structure capable of addressing the systemic flaws of outdated oppressive systems of governance. It should have been obvious whilst undertaking comprehensive sociological analysis to infrom the formulation of social reform capable of catering for the need of the aging population. Human flaws were a major component of the systemic barriers preventing recklessly irresponsible and counterproductive social policy prepetuting complex social issues (Eg. The war on drugs) being reallocated to serve a far more urgent and productive cause (Eg. Caring for the elderly). Another issue it solved was the problem of introducing comprehensive social reform to a society in a manner that wasn't oppressive.

I don't know who owns what or can and can't be trusted. However, in leading by example I am proposing to sign Universal Asylum over to everyone as collectively owned world trust with executive co-ownership of it's two distinctly individual yet interconnected sets of intellectual property 1). leaderless system of Governances. And 2). regarding DMT and other "Forbidden Fruit" along with all rights and authorities associated with the "forbidden fruit" imperpetunity. By doing so it is hoped that other "world leaders" will reveal themselves and do likewise.

Universal Asylums' One World Leaderless System of Governance - User Interface. is intended to eventially replace the democratic process or at least remove most aspects of it. For this to work people need to be able to safely openly interelate with one centralised system owned by everyone and designed to serve the greatest interests of every one. By doing so it will be possible to effieciently accumulate date for a variety of purposes. Some of these include medical and social research, and of course informing the reform out outdated legislation and social policy, the equitable ethical distribution of resourses, planning of future infastructure and services, facilitation of "eductaion", and a range of other social functions,

In the mean time whilst informing the reform of outdated systems of governance and democratic processes will be required to continue as long as necessary whilst reducing the roles of such traditional systems of governance. As governments slowely jump on board. I'm unsure how this works but if the pharmaceautical industry can influence governments to the degree they have - a community owned resource with enough support should be able to encourage them in far more ethical wanys. Such as acting in the interests of the people. Over time the balance of power will eaven out with the long term goal of global demilitarisation. I think we'd all like like that, or at least most of us anyway. Unfortunatly whilst many govenemnts are likely to act within the interests of the people there are likely to remain dictators obsessed with global dominance resistant to such ideas. I don't know if its possible to avaid any final conflict. I'd like to think theres enough good in the world that once united the bad eggs to stand down.

I've had a few dumb cunts suggest that I want to be the leader of the "leaderless" system of governance. Fact is whilst this system will facilitate things I really want like and end to the war on drugs, ecological conservation, global equality and stability, etc. that'll come at prices that aren't all going to serve my every convienience. Everyone pretends they want to end child slave labour, etc but how much are 1st world citizens prepared to sacrifice of the superficial privileges we owe to that. My original summery of Symmetrical Arms Races failed to aknolwedge such superficial sacrifices focused on the more critical issues.

Fact of the matter is someone has to come up with the idea, register a business privileged to co-ownership of associated intellectual property, risk their life trying to advocate for political support to establish an official institutional position as a collectively owned public asset, inspire other "world leaders" to prove themselves to the public by supporting such an ambitious endeavour. I guess trying to lead the people to leaderlessness is in ways a form of leaderlship but it's the exact opposite to hierarchical oppressive leadership and I have no ambition to hold the positions of power I designed Universal Asylum to specifically to protect us all from. Therefore, whilst I will dedicate my life to helping build the fucken thing I will never hold such positions.

Now this is not to suggest that there will be no hierarchy at all, as their will probably always need to be in different respects. However, such hierarchy will be more likely in smaller heterarchically structured sets with far more equal power distribution.

It's really tricky. The concept of owneship. Who ownes what? Our system of governance dates back to Rome. Originally the world had no borders particualrly Rome which dominated everything within reach until it came across Egypt who with their whacking great pyramids and armies cats presumably didn't need to tell them to fuck off. Whahah the words first boarder. I'm unsure exactly at point came the tradition of sticking a flag in the ground claiming ownership of a forign land setting up camp and making a bunch of bullshit rules to maximise its exploitation of everything including its own people. However its cetainly been precedented.

But who owns what

To be continued, probably... Probably!

A couple of fuck all references just because and that.

(1). Koski JE, Xie H, Olson IR. Understanding social hierarchies: The neural and psychological foundations of status perception. Soc Neurosci. 2015;10(5):527-50. doi: 10.1080/17470919.2015.1013223. Epub 2015 Feb 20. PMID: 25697184; PMCID: PMC5494206.

 (2). Parliamentary Education Office website, A short history of Parliament, Viewed 31. 05. 2024

(3). N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients.

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