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Injuries, Opiates & Entheogen's

Updated: May 20

Before going into how I got myself into the positions to follow - Sooner or later I have to come clean with the fact that I'm unsure if its more correct to say that I have not been entirely honest with my Doctor or that I have practiced tactful discretion in covering her arse whilst doing my best to manage a cunt of an injury within the bullshit system we're working. Either way, I stand my ground in my professional opinion as a Social Worker that she is a fucking good Doctor.

Anyways, it all started back in 2020 when i decided I was grown up enough to get a motorbike & not ride it like a fucken idiot...

Of course, I immediately fell in love with the fucken thing & rode it everywhere...

Then one bright & sunny day on the 19th January 2021. Traveling North/Westerly on Old Willunga Hill Rd from what I recall I somehow blanked out & found myself coming into a bend way too fast. Looking back I wonder if I may have slipped on some gravel at the turnout I'd just past I kinda adrenalin spiked to loose attention but to be honest I really don't know how I got there. I could instantly see that trying to make the corner would result in both wheels in the gutter & throw me in sideways into the embankment to my death or critically injured. It was also obvious the brakes were only going to make the situation worse too. Having had "a few" accidents in my time - it's crazy how efficiently on can calculate risks in life & death situations. With all that in mind, I instinctively straightened up & lifted the front end in a desperate attempt to Evel Knievel it off road & up along the embankment. Although this split second decision probably saved my life, based on the debris, damage to the bike I what I can piece together of the accident this resulted in the bike endo-ing into a nose role & supermaning me face first back onto the road which although hard was probably the best place to land being a flat surface.

As I seemed to have taken the initial impact in the right side of my head & shoulder I ended up nocked out cold in the middle of the road. Fortunately a cyclist came along to save the day. It was the first time I was glad to see a fucken cyclist in my life & although I'll probably never know who he was I'll be forever grateful for his aid. The first thing I recall was him sussing me out as I regained conciseness.

I can't remember who took my helmet off. Probably me as I recall someone being worried about my neck as I obviously hit my head pretty fucken hard.

I knew my neck was fine but was worried I'd broken my back & may be paralysed due to the pain around my spine & not initially really being able or game to move.

Around that point I also remember casually saying "my collar bone's fucked" as I could hear & kinda feel it crunching around though it wasn't initially too painful. Later X-rays revealed it was smashed into three main pieces.

As it didn't take long for the initial shock to wear off I was grateful for the Ambulance & when they stared pumping me full of IV Fentanyl. After CT to rule out spinal injuries they discharged me on Oxycodone which my Doctor placed on 80mg of the following day. Of course whilst I'd have been fucked without heavy duty pain killers they were of some concern to me being a recovering Alcoholic with a history of addiction.

Due to the above & my understanding of "psychedelics" role in cellular proliferation referenced to medical science in my hypotheses N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. I expected Ayahausca may have the power to facilitate the healing of damaged bone & softer tissue structures around the trauma site. It was a tough call as I was in significant pain even with the Oxy. Although psychedelics increase awareness, my experience was that this only ever contributed in discomfort when taken in too smaller dose & due to experience & medical science I expected their role in the regulation of inflammatory systems would be likely to also provide relief.

As I initially didn't have access to Ayahausca until Mum could deliver the parcel I stashed at her place during Covid19. I started with a McKenna 5 dry grams of Psilocybe Subaeruginosa (Subs) alone in silent darkness 6 days after the accident on the 25th Jan 2021 followed by three doses of Ayahausca on the 28th & 29th of Jan & 01st Feb 2021. From what I recall of these experiences they were incredibly soothing as I recall laying on my back cupping my collar bone with both hands whilst the visual nature of the "Psychedelic" experience channeled energy from all directions towards, in & around the trauma site.

Based on my medical chart I somehow managed to afford enough ingredients to Dose Ayahausca on the 11th, 12th, 14th, 15th of February.

Unfortunately I was unable to retrieve around $700 worth (6-7doses) of Ayahausca ingredients that I'd sent two of my favourite Exes Belinda & Katherine during Covid19 due as the available evidence strongly suggested it was the best chance of ensuring their survival (as reflected by my earliest attempt to raise public attention to this Nature of Prospective Covid19 Treatment.)

As I was afraid of taking Oxycodone for too long & after trying to stop & realising I was physically dependant - I put out a live feed on Facebook. A friend later contacted me claiming to have some that would help. As I trusted him I didn't ask any further questions. They ended up giving me what I believe was Kratom which I took for 10 days from the 26th of March to the 05th of April.

After a day tester & knowing I only had enough for one shot at it I prepared myself for a straight jump off 50mg of Oxycodone. Of course it was an astonishing relief to find the Kratom completely blocked withdrawal to the point that I was able to function normally, go out dancing & even ride my motorcycle which is how I came across this all too cute & friendly Koala...

Who inspected my tyres...

& hung out with me for around half an hour...

The only real "adverse reaction" I experienced from the "Kratom" came in the form of this excruciatingly uncomfortable rash which appeared to be accompanied by an allergic reaction to the same brand of deodorant I'd been using for over 20 years along with virtually all other deodorants except for one natural one my Step Daughter put me onto.

Although arguably a small price to pay to avoid opiate withdrawal the "Kratom" worked so effectively that I was afraid of what was going to happen when I ran out. However, when I ran out after 10days I was good as gold aside from the allergic reaction to deodorant that it appears to have served as some kind of catalyst to which persisted for months beyond which I have not been game to try deodorant.

After coming off the Oxycodone despite my collar bone showing no signs of healing I actually wasn't in that much pain really at all. Possibly to some extend due to healing facilitated by the Ayahausca.

In the end after 6-8 month of it not healing I decided that it would be best to have surgery as it would heal better whilst I was young & to facilitate greater strength & stability in my dominant arm.

After taking the above CT the plan was to cut me open, put a plate in, take a bone graft from my hip & pull a bunch of Surgeon tricks to patch me up.

Prior to surgery on the 18th November 2021 Dr Ling looked at me weird or confused when I asked him to look for any signs of abnormal healing as I'd been undertaking some "alternate therapies". Interestingly, when I came of of surgery it turned out that they'd found enough additional bone growth that they decided not to take a hip graft.

They inserted a plate along with some loose screws to hold the middle piece of bone in place.

Although the operation seemed to have gone well & was a very neat job it left me in 10x the pain of the accident & I'm unsure I'd have had the guts to go through with it had I known.

My Doctor placed me on 80mg of Oxycodone & 15mg of Valium. I was fortunate to have the loving care of my Mum & step father Wally who both took great care of me. Although I initially though I'd only need to be there for 2weeks @ the time of my two week check up Mum made it clear I was in no condition to look after myself & I ended up staying with them for another 3week until after Christmas.

As I couldn't get hold of Kratom my friend put me onto Hirsuta whilst I initially started using to attempt to jump off the Oxycone initially around the 13th of March 2022. My notes get a bit messy here but it basically held the withdrawal & enough of the pain whilst I was on it. However, when I tried to cease it I was left in unmanageable amounts of pain.

Over the months I had several attempts to jump off the Oxies using Hirsuta which although successful always left me in more pain that I was able to manage on the reduced amounts of Oxicondone prescribed by my doctor that I was able to supplement with the medication I hadn't consumed whilst attempting to jump off.

I was in so much fear due to the pain & knowing that my doctor couldn't prescribe me Oxycodone forever due to the bullshit bureaucratic systems she does her absolute best to work within...

Continued in: Covid19 & Entheogen's

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