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Significant Dates leading to flag burning in Victoria Square:

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

1999 - 2004:

Dads Fight to Save his "Crazy Diamond" from Himself & the "War on Drugs" [1999 - 2004]

2004 - 2010:



2012 - 2016


At one year complete abstinence from Alcohol & Narcotics I resumes full scale Unsanctioned Experimental Research into the Therapeutic Value of Entheogenic Substances that I'll later understand as & relase the hypothesis N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) & Other "Forbidden Fruit" - Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients. in a critical state of health as a final desperate attempt to overcome the severe PTSD that has stricken me since his graduation. Despite having limited results in terms of my PTSD - I experience remarkable results particularly in terms of his physical health. Early in my experimental research I was questioned by drug squad after police were called to a Clapham address when a female experienced a "psychotic episode" after consuming Mescaline on top of her regular medication. I ensured her safety until emergency services arrived & was transparent with police & medics about the circumstances & details of the incident. No charges were laid against either of us.

Mid-Late 2017

Although excited to hear from Katherine Russell suggesting they catch up which was obviously something very close to makes heart that involved certain levels of unfinished business. It basically just didn't end up happening due to a combination of Katherine becoming involved with someone & me meeting the beautiful Belinda Gilbert who although not entirely compatible would become an extremely significant woman in my life. Despite all kinds of combination of our own complex circumstances, I'm grateful to have had Belinda by my side throughout some of the more intense periods of my Unsanctioned Experimental Research & for the fact that she stood by me through thick & thin whilst attempting to stand up against the abuse I experienced via Latino Grooves: Standing up to Latino Grooves [2019].


After reconnecting with "the one that got away" Katherine Russell (who is now a nurse & mother) I realise I was "in love" (challenging my belief systems) & after some awkward attempts to express this & eventually present her with samples of the most valuable & powerful medicines on the planet as "tokens of my love for her". Within weeks Covid-19 hits & as such medicines are anyones best chance of survival I invests everything in ensuring those I love have access to Ayahausca ingredients. I spent the following months in lockdown at Mum & Wal's whilst undertaking extensive research cross-referencing a specific autoimmune condition, viral infections & various plant medicines as my greatest fear was the thought of Katherine loosing her her beautiful little boy. This lead to the identification of the medical science supporting everything I already knew from experience regarding my hypothesis on “N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT & other “Forbidden Fruit” – Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients”. However, Katherine understandably remained sceptical as I couldn't get the stubborn bitch to read the science. Eventually, as "Governments" seemed to have prevented the spread of Covid19 - I realised I had strong enough scientific evidence to support my theory on DMT & there may be time to potentially attain emergency authorities to undertake clinical trials of DMT as a viable treatment against Covid19.

2020, 6th May: After contacting countless government officials including those quoted in the blog posts Email to Prime Ministers Office re. Prospective Covid19 Treatment 28 July 2020 & Email to Local MP re Prospective Covid19 Treatment & experiencing relentless red tape seeking legal advice & support for patents & ownership rights to his work & releasing linefeeds attempting to gain publicity & support - I hold myself hostage in Victoria Square on top of an RV sized van with Viable Covid19 Treatment painted on the side asking to speak to the prime minister about a Viable Covid19 Treatment.

Given the global emergency, whilst advocating for the rights of DMT to be signed over to a Wold trust, I also recognises the opportunity to take advantage of the situation & use the treatment for Australia to take power globally whilst the world was at its knees with long term aims of "world peace" as reflected by the blog post quoting Public Statement 02 May 2020 live-feeds around that time. Unfortunately, this incident is dismissed as a "mental health" incident & I was admitted into a psychiatric facility for five weeks where labelled “delusional” after refusing to disclose details of my “Prospective Covid19 Treatment” until rights & authorities to my work are signed to Universal Asylum as a "World Trust". After weeks of being forcibly drugged against my will I win a medical tribunal supporting my release.

2020, 31st July:

After being taken off of my ADHD medications & significantly impaired for months as cocktails of heavy duty psychiatric medications gradually wore off I release “Nature of Prospective Covid19 Treatment” on the Universal Asylum website prior to emailing my work to countless politicians, media companies & other public figures, & doing everything humanly possible to cut through red tape & gain enough public attention to receive guidance on how to secure rights & authorities to more openly discuss my work.

Early 2021:

Although gradually working to figure out how to protect & release my work which had been held up by a motorcycle accident around the same time. Eli Angel was born with Lissencephally which placed great pressure upon formally yet prematurely releasing my theory on DMT & inspired a range of activistic publicity stunts from youtube video's to publicly burning flags in desperate attempts to see DMT considered as an Emergency Treatment for Eli Angle

2021, 19th April:

I officially publicly released my rough hypothesis on “N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT & other “Forbidden Fruit” – Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients” which marked the first public disclosure of his prospective Covid19 Treatment (Despite transparency on social media about my experimental research over the years prior making aspect of this pretty obvious).

2021, April & May:

Throughout April & May 2021 I invested all my time & energy into expressing as clearly as humanly possible as much detail as I could about my understanding of “N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT & other “Forbidden Fruit” – Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients” & the concept of Universal Asylums’ One World Leaderless System of Governance in a manner that would be somewhat protected under Copyright © protections of the Universal Asylum website & YouTube Channel.

2021, 29th May:

I drove the Universal Asylum flag deep into the ground in Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia in staking Universal Asylums claim to the universe & all of its contents (on behalf of our species & what remains of the magical world we have abused our privilege of inhabiting).

A public statement was made labelling the Australian Government a criminal organisation with reference to numerous serious counts of Aggravated Criminal Negligence against the Australian & world Governments, particularly in relation to the suppression of research into “N, N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT & other “Forbidden Fruit” – Central Nervous System Specific Nutrients”. Reference was also made to the fact that under current “leadership” the inhabitants of Australia & other countries are under unacceptable threat of perishing due to social Darwinism. After this brief public statement challenging the Australian & world Governments of Formally pledge fealty to Universal Asylum & announcing further information was available via Universal Asylums website & YouTube channel, I painted a pink cock on an Australian Flag before dousing it in methylated spirits & setting it alight.

Footage of Universal Asylum's Flag Raising / Painting Cock on Australian Flag Before Setting it Alight Ceremony was published on Universal Asylums YouTube channel & linked to the website before being set to countless politicians, media channels, authorities & other public figures. Based on my understanding of the culture I was raised Captain James Cook set the precedent of driving a flag into Australian soil when he took possession of the east coast of Australia (in the name of King George III) at Botany Bay on 29 April 1770. Universal Asylums Flag gently Dancing in the Breeze note the pink cock print on the lawn to the left of the Flag!

I recently (August 2022) came across an essay surrounding the impact of Colonialist attitudes towards Indigenous Australians that I wrote during the 1st year of my Social Work degree which may perhaps be of some relevance to my approach in introducing myself to the Australian Government: Human Service Provision (2008): Assignment 2 - Colonialism & Australian Indigenous People

2021, 1st June:

Universal Asylums flag was removed from Victoria Square after "someone" spray-painted “Criminal Organisation” in BIG Red letters on the base of the large Australian flag pole.

2021, 3rd June:

After receiving no response from government officials, I rode my motorcycle into Victoria Square wearing a Universal Asylum Lanyard around my neck, set up a video camera & wrapped two towels (one with an Australian Flag printed on one side of it) around the base of the large Australian flag pole, before dousing the towels / flagpole with methylated spirits & setting them alight. After setting it ablaze I looked into the camera & stated “suppress that” before riding home & making a brief statement during which at some point I held up a green folder containing his work & made a statement along the lines of “I want this science” either “before a judge” or “in a court of law” or perhaps even both. I then uploaded such footage to the Universal Asylum youtube under Mark Parker sets alight large falg pole in Victoria Square, Adelaide, South Australia attached to this website & sent it to Prime Ministers office CC'd to most politicians, media companies & law enforcement agencies. Later that afternoon I was arrested by Counter Terrorism who charged me with property damage & disorderly behaviour, & was advised that "next time they won't be so nice" & to basically calm the fuck down whilst under investigation of several departments & was placed on criminal watch lists.

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